St. Louis Center Residents Enjoy UofM Baseball Game

St. Louis Center residents at UofM baseball game
Caitlin Deis, Fitness Specialist at St. Louis Center, and Kelle Maloney, Fitness Instructor at Chelsea Wellness Center, surrounded by the smiling faces of St. Louis Center residents at UofM’s Wilpon Stadium.

Several residents of the St. Louis Center were treated to a University of Michigan baseball game on Wednesday, April 18th, through the generosity of Coach Rich Maloney and the staff of the Chelsea Wellness Center. The residents were given a formal introduction to the crowd. Kelle Maloney and Rose Manitz , fitness instructors at the Chelsea Wellness Center, arranged for the tickets to the game and Rose provided pizza and snacks. Despite the enthusiastic cheers from the St. Louis Center residents, the Wolverines lost to Eastern Michigan 7-1.

Stanley and Antoine enjoying the UofM Baseball game.
Stanley and Antoine enjoyed cheering for UofM at the baseball game.

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