St. Louis Center Chosen for ‘Heart Campaign’ at Back to the Roots

On April 4th, 2012 Back to the Roots rolled out the “Heart Campaign”.

The heart campaign has a two fold purpose.
First it supports its local community and second its worldwide community.
The heart campaign works like this: Every item in our store and restaurant has a small colored heart on the tag or next to the menu item. Each color represents the amount of money from that purchased item that is donated. At the end of the day or week the amount is totaled up and donated to the appropriate non-profit, group or organization that is being supported at the time. Everyday the heart & purpose of Back to the Roots is to give and help be the change and this, is how it is done.

The St. Louis Center has been selected to receive proceeds from sales on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 21, 23 and 24, 2012. So if you plan on going out to eat or buying a gift, consider patronizing Back to the Roots Cafe in beautiful downtown Chelsea, MI next week. Visit their website to view menus and merchandise:


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