Saline Fiddlers Perform at St. Louis Center

Since 1994, the Saline Fiddlers have undeniably set the standard for extracurricular music programs in the United States. The group began with a simple idea: introduce an alternative style of music education to public school students. It has grown into a model of instruction and motivation that is being emulated across the nation. Yet more importantly, it is a brilliant example of what young adults can and will achieve if given a direction and the opportunity to explore, and pursue their own interests.

The Saline Fiddlers astound audiences every time they take the stage. They are fully equipped, amplified and present an energetic, polished stage show that includes music, song and dance from the traditions of American folk fiddle, bluegrass, jazz, western swing and Celtic music. Their repertoire, which grows every year, includes many pieces composed or arranged by an exceptionally talented artistic team, headed up by Artistic Director Ben Culver. Read more about them at their website.

On May 12, 2012, the Saline Fiddlers brought their show to the St. Louis Center. The residents had a great time. They enjoyed the music and dancing. I think a piece was written especially for the guys here at SLC…it was a medley of Michael Jackson tunes. Lee and Julian set to the stage with a dance of their own; seemingly pre-choreographed in a style to make Michael himself proud.

The Fiddlers had a great time too. As a matter of fact, they hope to make their appearance at St. Louis Center an annual event. Follow this link if you’d like to view more photos: Fiddlers at SLC.

Thank you to everyone who continue to make the Saline Fiddlers a successful organization.


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