See, Our Garden is Growing

Dean Birk with his mother, Janet.
Despite the warm weather, Janet Birk came out this afternoon to assist her son Dean and other residents of the St. Louis Center plant their Tranquility Garden.

Today, May 25, 2012 was an amazing day. Many plants made their way into the ground of the Tranquility Garden at the St. Louis Center. Twelve residents helped, ok..some watched,  3 mothers and several staff members were on hand to help pull the garden into shape. There are still a few missing plants from the original design, but they will be added sometime next week. A local teen is planning his Eagle Scout project around the stones for the paths in the garden. See more photos


2 thoughts on “See, Our Garden is Growing

  1. I did my best to find a song for you. Here are three possibilities: All Along – Kid Cudi, Inception (Clean) – Logic, The Spotlight (Clean) – Logic.

    1. Thank you so much. I personally know very little about Rap music. I am going to listen to them and make sure that Lee gets them too. I really appreciate your input.

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