Fr. Alphonso Crippa Re-Elected as Superior General

As a religious order of the Catholic Church with a mission to care for the intellectually developmentally disabled, the frail elderly, and the poor, the Servants of Charity congregation of priests and brothers meet every six years to determine their leadership and plan for their future. We are pleased to report that at the conclusion of their meetings in Italy during the week of July 16, 2012, the following leaders were chosen from throughout the world to chart their future course.

Fr. Alfonso Crippa has been reconfirmed GENERAL SUPERIOR

Fr. Umberto Brugnoni has been reconfirmed VICAR GENERAL

Fr. Luigi DeGiambattista has been elected as 2nd GENERAL COUNCILLOR

Fr. Ciro Pe. Attanasio has been elected as 3rd GENERAL COUNCILLOR

Fr. Gustavo DeBonis has been elected as 4th GENERAL COUNCILLOR

Fr. Luigi was formerly the provincial superior of the Divine Providence Province (USA – India – Philippines – Vietnam), Fr.Attanasio was the provincial superior of the Brazilian province, and Fr. DeBonis, of Argentina, was the provincial secretary of the Argentinean province. We look forward to working with them all during the next six years, and wish for Christ’s blessing on their leadership.


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