Viper Training

What is Viper training? Learning how to drive an American sports car? Is it learning to somehow tame a

OLP orks out with Caitlin
Caitlin Dies, SLC fitness specialist, leads the ladies in a ‘Viper’ workout.

deadly snake? Or is it a new way to do fitness workouts? If you held out for number three, you are correct. The newest Viper is an apparatus that helps users with agility, mobility, balance, speed and range of motion, not to mention a fast calorie burner. The fitness specialist, Caitlin Dies, at St. Louis Center attended a 9 hr. training to learn how to incorporate the use of Vipers in the workout routines of the residents. This device has already proven to be a great benefit in assisting the residents during a workout. She is able to more easily direct their motion and insure they are doing the exercises properly. St. Louis Center is definitely on the road to being ‘Fit for Life.’


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