St. Louis Center Aktion Club Hosts 3rd Annual Fun Run

Chelsea – On August 15, 2012, the Saint Louis Center and the Aktion Club held its 3rd Annual Fun Run/Walk to raise funds for Faith in Action, Chelsea. About 40 residents participated in the event; some parents were even present for the fun Dan Roberts, father of Lisa, the Rotta family, the Dunbars, and Pat Valaer, made a special trip to help encourage their children. Mike Dunbar, a resident in the adult program, decided to run the event instead of walk. He even inspired one of the younger residents, Eddie Johnson, to run a lap. “That was truly an amazing accomplishment for Eddie. I am so proud of him,” said Fitness Specialist, Caitlin Deis.

The Servants of Charity priests were on hand to encourage the residents as well as other staff members. When everyone finished walking, they were served popsicles and water.

About $750 was raised for the Aktion Club to present to Faith in Action. Their goal was to raise $800, double of last year’s goal, and next year they hope to double the amount again.

It is not too late if you would like to contribute to the Fun Run. Contact Christine Stehlik at 734-475-8430 or visit to donate online, be sure to put SLC Fun Run into the comments box to designate your gift. The gift will be presented to Faith in Action during the Aktion Club’s September 18th meeting, so get those donations in soon.

To learn more about Faith in Action, please visit their website.

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