Tocco Family Picnic Brings Many Smiles

When the Jack Tocco Family plans a picnic, they bring the whole neighborhood to feed the children and adults of St. LouisCenter. That was the case on Sunday August 19, 2012, as Jack Tocco Sr. has begun passing the reigns of this event to his son, Jack Jr., and a whole contingent of friends from the “East Side” of Detroit came along to help. As usual, the luncheon fare included Jets Pizza, chicken tenders, hot dogs, and potato chips. But along with that, came soft drinks, a cotton candy machine, and snow cones. While everyone ate to their heart’s content, they were entertained by local magician Jeff Wawrzaszek, who held everyone’s attention while performing a number of magic tricks. The Tocco Family will be back again in December with Santa Claus for their annual Christmas party. See more photos

Joey and Sr. Margaret Mary are served lunch by Dominic Bommarito and Frank Manzella.



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