BD’s Mongolian Grill Raises Christmas Funds for SLC Residents

Ann Arbor, MI – Thanks to the management and staff of bd’s Mongolian Grill in downtown Ann Arbor, MI, every resident of St. LouisCenter will have a very Merry Christmas when they open their gifts this year. On the evening of December 4th, bd’s held a fundraiser to purchase the gifts of their own choosing for our residents. Patrons who bought dinner there received 25% off the price of their meals for showing up, and all server tips went into a fund to pay for Christmas gifts that will be brought to St. LouisCenter by the Mongolian Grill staff during the third week of December.

An estimated 50 people from Chelsea, Dexter, and Manchester were in attendance to support this event, and everyone there had a great time. Special thanks to Chelsea graduate Daniele Hughes, the Marketing Coordinator who set-up the event, as well as General Manager Tom Esper and Floor Manager Carol Thomas who provided support for the event that night. The wait staff and cooks did a great job making everyone feel welcome, and made sure that everyone had a good time and went home with a full stomach. watch slideshow


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