Celebrating the Life of Fr. Fortunato

Fr. Fortunato Turati, SdC and Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, SdCMonday June 24, 2013 was a great night for friends to get together as fifty supporters of the Servants of Charity gathered to celebrate the life of Fr. Fortunato Turati, SdC. The occasion was a special dinner from the Lombardi Region of Italy, the birthplace of Fr. Turati, and it was held at Paesano’s Italian Restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI. The people who came were excited about the opportunity to visit with Fr. Turati once again, as he had been transferred in March 2013 to Lake Zurich, Il., to assist the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence in ministering to their population of women with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Fr. Turati received many hugs and many gifts of appreciation as several special friends came forward to share their stories of love and friendship while recounting his life. Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, SdC, who was a fellow seminarian of Fr. Turati’s in Italy, recounted how they each prepared for life as a missionary, and surprisingly wound up in the same place together; St. Louis Center in Chelsea, MI.


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