Spring Means Fun for SLC Residents

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Chelsea – Through funding by the Chelsea Garden Club, the residents have added a vegetable garden to grounds of the St. Louis Center. They cultivated the plants and have been watering them faithfully. They are all anxious to harvest the fruits of their labor.
On June 15th six residents began the six-week horsemanship course called ‘Sitting Tall.’ The program, run by Mary Walsh who saves spots for SLC every year, is staffed by volunteers and relies strictly on donations for funding. Participants get a lesson in ‘stable management’ before entering the arena for their riding time. The goal is to teach a lesson that will carry over into other aspects of their lives and help them to be proud of their achievements.
Direct care staff organized a trip to the White Tail Deer Museum for the residents of the Day Program at SLC. They were able to pet and feed the herd of albino deer. Lanard especially enjoyed his encounters with the animals. They also toured the farm equipment museum on the grounds before they went to lunch. Their last stop was for ice cream at Twisters.
Fr. Ronald and fourteen adults from SLC enjoyed a screening of the new Disney film ‘Monster University’ on June 21st. Each one not only got to see the movie, but enjoyed popcorn and was able to bring home a toy version of one of the main characters of the show.


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