St. Louis Center’s Fitness for Life Announces Fall Open House

The Fitness for Life Program at St. Louis Center began two years ago to provide health and fitness opportunities for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. According to Fitness Specialist Caitlin Deis-Blomquist, “The program provides the local special needs community with a fun, physical venue to strengthen cooperation, social skills, teamwork, and understanding of games and strategies, fitness knowledge and awareness, and loco-motor skills development.”

Blomquist would like to invite interested members of the community to an open house at St. Louis Center on Wednesday September 11, 2013  from 4-6 p.m. St. Louis Center is located at 16195 Old US-12 in Sylvan Twp., approximately two miles west of I-94 and Pierce Rd. The Fall Session of the program begins on September 23rd with the following schedule:

–          Beginner Class Monday-Wednesday 6-7

–          Advanced Class Tuesday-Thursday 5-6

–          Basketball every other Wednesday 7-8 (New Program)

The “Fitness for Life” program is open to residents in the targeted “5 Healthy Towns” project area including Chelsea, Dexter, Grass Lake, Manchester, and Stockbridge, and funding is provided through the Chelsea Area Wellness Foundation, the Chelsea Community Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan.

Interested participants will need to complete a Health Survey and provide a medical clearance from their physician to enroll, and the cost for the Beginner and Advanced Classes is $48 through the end of October. The cost to enroll in the Basketball program is $24.

For more information about the Fitness for Life Program at St. Louis Center, please contact Caitlin Deis Blomquist at 734-475-8430, or send her an email at


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