Message from the Superior General and his Council on the occasion of the feast of St. Louis Guanella!

The Servants of Charity are celebrating the feast and canonization of their founder, St. Louis Guanella. Mass will be offered in the St. Louis Center Chapel tomorrow at 4:30pm with all of the residents. Please join us…

Servants of Charity

collage of St Guanella in front of St. Peter's  BasilicaThe celebration of the feast of our Holy Founder has been generating in the recent past years a growing enthusiasm. This is a clear sign of our efforts and aspiration to imitate his virtues while keeping alive his memory. This year the celebration falls between two events of particular importance and significance to us: the Canonization of Don Guanella that took place two years ago and the upcoming 2015 centennial anniversary of his entrance into eternal life.

I consider this a time of particular grace that should inspire and be expressed through external events and programs. Should in a special way deepen our commitment, both on a personal and community level to strengthen the bond of fraternal communion within the Guanellian family and aware that we are all called to imitate St. Guanella’s Holiness by sharing with new enthusiasm his charism and his mission in the Church.

I therefore express…

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