Fr. Enzo and SLC Honored by IACS

Fr. Enzo with MC Ron DiBartolomeo and IACS President Giovanni LoIacono
On Thursday, November 7, 2013, Fr. Enzo Addari, SdC. of the Servants of Charity congregation was recognized for his lifetime vocation of caring for persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at St. Louis Center in Chelsea, MI. Fr. Addari, who is from Corcumello, Italy in the Abruzzo Province, was honored by the Italian American Cultural Society at their Third Annual Sportsman Dinner in Clinton Twp. The award was presented to Fr. Addari by President Giovanni LoIacono and Master of Ceremonies Ronald DiBartolomeo following a sumptuous wild game dinner that included wild boar, roast elk, and a wild goose sausage medley.

The award states, “Father Enzo Addari – In gratitude for your selfless devotion and your endless hours of service and contributions to the St. Louis Center and the Italian American Community – The Italian American Cultural Society.”

Fr. Addari with the Italian American Delegates

Fr. Addari was ordained by the Servants of Charity on May 8, 1976, and was sent to the United States and St. Louis Center in Chelsea, MI in 1983. After five years, he became the administrator of the Don Guanella School in Springfield, PA in 1988, and then returned to Michigan to run St. Louis Center in 1991. He returned to Italy to care for his ailing parents in 1998, and came back to St. Louis Center in 2005, where he has been ever since. Fr. Addari was humbled by the award, and talked about the importance of caring for people with special needs, who have no one else to speak on their behalf. “The Lord has given us these special people to care for, and we must be their voice. I am greatly honored to receive this award for them, as well as for myself.”

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