Round 3 of Coaches’ Charity Challenge Begins

2014 SLC Charity Challenge posterOn Monday February 17, 2014, UM Men’s Basketball Coach John Beilein entered Round 3 of the national Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge contest in support of St. Louis Center in Chelsea, MI. Coach Beilein nominated St. Louis Center as his favorite non-profit charity for a third year in a row this year, and the contest, run by, runs through March 17, 2014. If Coach Beilein wins, he will win $100,000 for St. Louis Center. Round Three runs from Feb. 17th through March 2, 2014, and all 16 remaining charities have won $10,000. Round Four runs from March 3rd through March 16th, and the “Final Four” charities will win $15,000.

This is a social media contest, and relies on community members and students casting votes daily to help their favorite coach and charity win. To make it easier for people to vote for Coach Beilein, simply go to, and you will be directed immediately to the ESPN website to vote. If you’re not registered, you will be asked to provide an email address and password, and you’re in!

St. Louis Center provides residential care for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and has been run by the Servants of Charity congregation of the Catholic Church since 1960. For more information about St. Louis Center please visit the website at



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