iPad Training for Persons w/IDD

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A new friend of SLC, Melissa Archer, donated her time June 20th to train the residents to use iPad devices to assist with communication and promote learning. Melissa is the founder of, Jasmynn’s Voice, an organization committed to putting assistive learning devices into the hands of children with Autism. Luckily SLC was prepared to begin training with several iPads – purchased through a grant from Toyota TIMA.  Using these devices, Archer was able to hit the ground running with her expansive knowledge of appropriate programs for persons with I/DD. She and the current social work intern taught small groups of residents how to use the devices and applications. We plan to continue to engage the residents with this technology. To that end, SLC is asking for donations of iTunes gift cards to defer the cost of some of the more specialized apps. They can be mailed or dropped off to: SLC, Attn: Liz Aslin, 16195 Old US 12, Chelsea, MI 48118.


One thought on “iPad Training for Persons w/IDD

  1. It’s so amazing to see how these devices can make a difference for people with disabilities. Some get a voice that they never had, some explore a world they would never see otherwise and some are able to simply calm themselves by listening to a favorite song that soothes them through the troubled moments of their day. I sincerely hope that the staff is able to continue this work ona day to day basis.

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