SLC Benfits from Golf

IMG_7431Chelsea – The month of July was significant for St. Louis Center, as friends, volunteers and benefactors form the core of the Lay Guanellian Movement in Michigan. Multiple events occurred in July, where friends came out to support the mission of St. Louis Center by playing golf and writing checks to show their support.
On Monday July 14th, 144 golfers supported the Italian American Delegates Golf Outing at Twin Lakes Golf Course in Rochester Hills, MI. Then on July 19th, 80 golfers came out to support the Memorial Golf Outing at Pierce Lake Golf Course in Chelsea, MI. Finally, 108 golfers supported the “Joe’s Top Dog” Outing at Mystic Creek Golf Course in Milford, MI. Each of these outings is significant in their own way, as they reflect several different communities and cultures of supporters for SLC. According to Administrator, Fr. Enzo Addari, “We are grateful to all of these fine communities, because without their love and support, SLC would not be able to offer the quality of life that we provide for our residents.”

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