Villanova Alumni Visit St. Louis Center

Chelsea – Most colleges and universities have a strong network of alumni throughout the nation who help promote their alma mater to prospective students and join forces to give support to charities and worthy causes. Many may not know that Fr. Enzo Addari, SLC Administrator, is a graduate of Villanova University in PA. He received a Masters Degree in Education Administration while he was serving at Don Guanella School in Philadelphia, PA. Fr. Enzo has become involved with the Alumni Association of Michigan/Northern Ohio Region, making acquaintance with the group’s leaders. And through these connections a friendship has formed and a small group of alumni came to St. Louis Center to see what we are all about. On Sunday, November 23rd John Lemmer, Pete Lemmer, Meghan Lemmer (John’s daughter), Jeff and Caroline Daniels (parents of current student, Gabby Daniels), and Jon Tappan arrived with enough fresh food to feed an army. They barbequed and prepared fresh vegetables and served dinner to all of the staff and residents. They didn’t leave without a full tour of the entire campus. Thank you to Villanova Alumni Association for your time and generosity. Go Wildcats!!

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