Towsley Foundation Endorses St. Louis Guanella Village

St. Louis Center, a residential community for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) founded and administered by the Servants of Charity Congregation, began its humble service to people with I/DD in 1960. Fifty to 60 residents are cared for on the 180-acre campus west of Chelsea.

The St. Louis Guanella Village will be an intentional housing community wherein people of diverse abilities can live together in an attractive, natural setting. The village will respond to the rapidly increasing lifespan of individuals with I/DD.  Construction of three children’s homes, each housing six residents, will be phase one.  Condominiums, cottages, and single family homes will follow, permitting residents with I/DD and their parents and extended family to age in place.

The Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation has elected to make a five-year commitment to partner with St. Louis Center in the development of The St. Louis Guanella Village.

Fr. Enzo Addari, St. Louis Center Administrator, said, “We are grateful to the Towsley Foundation for caring so deeply about the welfare of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

Will Johnson, President Emeritus of Chelsea Community Hospital and a member of the St. Louis Center Community Advisory Council, observed, “St. Louis Center and the Chelsea community are thankful for the Towsley Foundation Trustees’ endorsement of this bold, imaginative enterprise.  The Towsley Foundation has been at the forefront of support for creative solutions for health care challenges for many decades.”


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