John Beilein Teaches Players Compassion 101

IMG_7673Compassion can be demonstrated in many different ways, and Michigan Basketball Coach John Beilein has a soft spot in his heart for the residents of St. Louis Center in Chelsea, MI. St. Louis Center is a residential care facility for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and since his arrival in Ann Arbor, Coach Beilein and his wife, Kathleen have taken on the Center as one of their favorite non-profit charities.

On Thursday June 11, 2015, Coach Beilein made his fourth personal visit to St. Louis Center, and brought along six of his current players to teach them the importance of “giving back” to the community. The players who embarked on this year’s visit to Chelsea included Kameron Chatman, Mark Donnal, Rickey Doyle, Austin Hatch, Derek Walton, Jr., and DJ Wilson.

Upon their arrival at the Center, Coach Beilein and his players found the residents decked out in their “Maze Rage” yellow t-shirts (donated by the M-Den), and after greeting everyone they put on a display of their basketball skills and got several of the residents into the act. The drills included ball rotations, the pretzel drill, two-ball dribble, and lay-up drill. When the fun was done, the players and coach autographed everyone’s t-shirts.

According to Coach Beilein, “If we can put a smile on the faces of these kids who face so many challenges in their everyday lives, then it’s worth the effort on our part to bring them a little bit of happiness.” Fr. Enzo Addari, Administrator of St. Louis Center said, “We are grateful to Coach Beilein and his players for the love they have shown to our residents today.”

More photos are available here


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