St. Louis Center Aktion Club Fundraiser

198smallThe men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live at St. Louis Center have now been involved with the Kiwanis Aktion Club since 2010. Their club is co-sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Chelsea and the Kiwanis Club of Manchester. This group keeps busy by assisting the Grass Lake Sanctuary remove invasive species, assist local elderly with yard cleanup and helping the Kiwanis Club of Chelsea at the Fair.

In anticipation of Christmas each year, members design artwork for a Christmas card that gets printed and sold in packages of 10/$10. The proceeds from the sale go to the Kiwanis Eliminate Project that seeks to end Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus.

The members gather once the cards are printed to assemble the packages of cards and envelopes. This project gives each person a great sense of pride knowing that they are able to make a difference in the lives of people around the globe. If you are planning to send out Christmas cards this year, consider purchasing yours from the St. Louis Center Aktion Club. Contact Rick Visel at 734-475-8430 or follow the link to Purchase your cards now.web---xmas-card-1


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