Chelsea’s Beach Middle Students Raise ‘FUN’ds for St. Louis Center

Many people in the community find innovative ways to raise funds for St. Louis Center, one of the more popular non-profits in the Chelsea area, and these fundraisers typically include golf outings, formal dinners, and live auctions. But what happens when junior high students get into the act? That’s where the fun begins, as the Leadership Class of Chelsea’s Beach Middle School took on the task of fundraising for St. Louis Center under the leadership of their teacher, Kathryn McCalla, and presented a check to PR Director Joe Yekulis during their lunch hour period on Wednesday March 9, 2016. A total of $1,008.00 was raised by all of the students at the school during the current trimester.

And how did these great kids accomplish their goals? Ms. McCalla explained how it happened. “We played a staff/student Star Wars game, a dodgeball-type game where bowling pins act as ‘Jedis’ and you have to knock down the opposing team’s pins to win. Students paid a dollar to play and for re-entry into the game. When staff was knocked out, we had to do silly things like sing, “Let It Go” or dosey-doe with a student to get back in. We had a blast, and we were SO SORE! We did it during all 3 lunch periods. FullSizeRender (1)

“Then we did a Hammer Dance, where for every $50 the school raised, teachers would dance at the end of a period when music would come on over the PA. The third thing we did was to sell ice cream sundaes after school and at our play this year, ‘The Comic Book Artist.’ And finally, we did a ‘Pool Jump,’ where kids put money in a teacher’s shoebox at their grade level. The teachers who got the most money had to jump into the pool in their clothes. Kristen Chinavare, Scott Riedel, and Josh Tropea were the three teachers who jumped.”

During their assemblies Wednesday, Mr. Yekulis spoke to all of the students and thanked them for their efforts on behalf of St. Louis Center, a residential center caring for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities west of Chelsea in Sylvan Twp. For more information, please visit the website at


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