Randazzo Fresh Market Hosts “Men’s Social”

On Thursday, April 21, 2016, the Randazzo family came together for a second annual “Men’s Social Fundraiser” to raise money for St. Louis Center in Chelsea, MI. The Randazzo family owns three “Fresh Food” markets in Macomb, Warren and Clinton Twp. north of Detroit, and had made a promise to administrator Fr. Enzo Addari SdC. two years ago, that they would try to do something to raise funds for St. Louis Center every year. St. Louis Center is a residential care facility that provides a home for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and has been run by the Servants of Charity Congregation since 1960. Nino and Sonny Randazzo came up with the idea of hosting a “Men’s Social Fundraiser” last year, and the idea took off immediately. Over 200 people were in attendance at this year’s event, which featured large quantities of Italian cuisine, desserts, an espresso bar, cigars, and a wine bar.

Following the event, Sonny Randazzo said, “We had a blast hosting the event last week, and I can’t believe how much fun we had. It’s such a good cause to work for, and we’re happy to help Fr. Enzo and the special residents of St. Louis Center who need our help to continue to live a good life. I know this event will keep getting bigger and better every year!” Jack Tocco, Jr., another longtime supporter with his family added, “Support for St. Louis Center in our area grew from my father’s involvement there 25 years ago. He brought his friends to the Center to help out, and they’ve been loyal to St. Louis Center ever since.”

The Randazzo Family is already looking forward to the next event in April 2017. For more information about St. Louis Center, please visit www.stlouiscenter.org.


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