Congressman Walberg Visits St. Louis Center for Policy Review

U. S. Congressman Tim Walberg (R-7th) has been a longtime supporter of St. Louis Center in Chelsea, MI, and has a big heart for the children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities that live there. So before rolling up his sleeves to return to Washington D.C. to begin his 5th term in office, the Congressman agreed to stop by on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 for a visit with Administrator Fr. Enzo Addari and his staff to discuss a number of policy issues that are impacting the Center at the Federal level, and to hear an update on the progress of the new St. Louis Guanella Village which is currently under construction. img_4447

 At issue, is the Federal Government’s “Final Ruling” that was implemented in January 2014 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the impact it may have on St. Louis Center, as the State of Michigan implements its Statewide Transition Plan for Home and Community Based Services as required by all 50 states. This plan provides oversight for the Medicaid Waiver Program that is used in many cases, to support low income residents with I/DD.

img_4461Congressman Walberg revealed that he had just been appointed to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, and that a large amount of the Congressional review of the Affordable Care Act will be going through his committee in 2017.  He believes that he will be in a position to address several of our concerns in support of facilities like St. Louis Center in the future, and promised to help wherever he could.

 For more information about St. Louis Center, please visit


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