STORIES OF INSPIRATION to Brighten Your Holidays – Linda

We’ve been telling you about a $600,000 shortfall that St. Louis Center is facing as we end the year. The great news is that we are making progress toward closing that gap! This month, 164 donors have stepped up to make contributions! Thanks to a generous donor, YOUR DONATION is MATCHED in DECEMBER. So, please make a tax-deductible contribution TODAY and give residents – like Linda – the gift of a secure, loving home every day.  Donate Here

Linda Alber

Linda moved to St. Louis Center about seven years ago and she couldn’t be happier. Her broad smile and hardworking pep are an inspiration to all who meet her, staff workers, friends, and family.  

Linda was awarded her 30 years of service pin not long ago for her work at the University of Michigan. Before that, her brother, Bill, drove her from Manchester to catch the bus in Chelsea so she could go to her job. 

Because of the pandemic, Linda was furloughed from UM recently, and is now working part time at her new job at St. Louis Center as a kitchen assistant. 

You can always find Linda being active, enjoying music and dancing, or completing another of  the many puzzles she so enjoys. Bill says, “We know she is being well taken care of and she enjoys living in the community with other St. Louis Center residents.”

Linda is living a full life at St. Louis Center because of YOUR generosity. Every dollar you contribute helps provide the specialized, around the clock care that the 70 residents like Linda need each and every day.

A very generous donor is providing a match.

So your donation to St. Louis Center this month will be DOUBLED!

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