Vaccinations Bring Hope to St. Louis Center

Fr. Enzo Addari, CEO, receives his vaccination from Laial Dakroub of CVS Pharmacies.

Saturday January 9th was a day of celebration at St. Louis Center, as many of the residents and staff began receiving the first of two COVID 19 vaccinations from the CVS technicians who were contracted by the State of Michigan to deliver them. You could almost feel a collective sigh of relief in the building as most everyone happily rolled up their sleeves, sensing that there is now light at the end of this dark COVID19 tunnel. CVS employees Laial Dakroub and Ivana Elhelleh worked quickly and efficiently while distributing the Moderna vaccinations in the gym following temperature screenings by Deana Fisher, COO of the Center at the main entrance. Those who received the vaccinations will still need a second dose in 28 days.

St. Louis Center has successfully kept its residents safe throughout 2020 by following the State mandated CDC guidelines issued by the MI Department of Health and Human Services for a licensed congregate care facility. Because the pace of the outbreak in Michigan increased during the month of December, the vaccinations couldn’t have come soon enough. St. Louis Center is grateful to the local community for the continued interest and support for the safety and care of the residents.

SLC Resident Todd receives his first vaccination from Ivana Elhelleh of CVS.
Ivana Elhelleh of CVS delivers a vaccination to SLC Resident Matthias.
Ivana Elhelleh from CVS Pharmacies applies a bandage to Deana Fisher, COO of St. Louis Center.

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