Lee Booth – A Smile for Everyone

Even with all of the challenges over the past year, you can always count on Lee Booth to have a smile, something positive to say and a desire to have fun, especially if it involves dancing.

Lee grew up close to his mom, Christine, and his siblings. As a single mom, she struggled to find an environment that could meet all of his special needs. She was referred to SLC by a friend, and after a visit, Lee became a resident. “Not seeing him every day was hard at first,” remembers Christine, “but soon it became home.” Lee went to school and church, had friends, enjoyed an active life, and had his own space. Now, 35 years have flown by and she is grateful every day for all SLC has provided.

Lee loves the staff and his roommate Stanley, whom he calls his brother, as well as the other “guys” in St. Joe Hall where he lives.

They enjoy Special Olympics, basketball, floor hockey, Bible study, Tigers games and dances. “Lee is a happy, loving individual who especially enjoys showing off his dancing skills,” said Christine.

Lee is able to live a happy and active life at the Center because of the funds provided by generous donors like you.

Unfortunately, the pandemic brought a halt to most activities during the past year and Lee spent a lot of time at home. “It was very difficult for him, missing his friends and SLC Family,” she said. “The day he was allowed to return to the Center, Lee Booth was a VERY HAPPY man!”

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